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Dean McGoldrick

Dean McGoldrick


Dean is very excited and passionate about Rodine Australia’s work and leadership. With more than 35 years of construction experience, Dean has enjoyed a very long and successful career in a wide range of projects, both locally and abroad.

Deans formal qualifications from RMIT include Project Management and Building and Technology Construction qualification. He is also a qualified carpenter, and was awarded the state apprentice of the year.

Prior to the CEO position with Rodine Australia, Dean has worked in Doha, Qatar, where he was charged with delivering a prestigious retail, office and office project. Dean was also a project manager with Westfield for 10 years.

Deans style of Management is a “Can do” client focused style with an importance of Team building and exceptional communication on all levels of stakeholders and Management. Dean is dedicated to delivering quality work to strict deadlines. He is effective and efficient under pressure. Dean has been recognised with many awards throughout his career, including a Heritage Victoria Restoration Award.