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Justine Teggelove

Justine Teggelove


Justine Teggelove is one of the founders of Rodine Australia and has been its CEO since 2013. As its CEO, and before that its Operations Manager and Business Manager, she has been instrumental in transforming Rodine into a dynamic, innovative and fully-integrated construction company. The less obvious hallmarks of Rodine’s value – its integrity, stability, and trust – are just as central to Justine’s management approach.

These values of integrity, stability and trust have been reinforced by innovations to Rodine’s operations driven by Justine. For example, new processes introduced under her leadership have maintained and improved the company’s reputation for completing projects with superior quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness. Another of Justine’s contributions was the implementation of Rodine’s comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System. As a result, Rodine continues to be one of the most trusted construction managers on sensitive sites.

Justine also brings unique attributes to her role. She has diverse experience, including some years in health management and raising a family previous to co-founding Rodine. She is also one of only a few women in a leadership position in the commercial construction industry. Most importantly, Justine’s personal qualities of providing clear communication and building strong relationships drive all aspects of the Rodine’s business.

Justine is energised by the Rodine team’s positivity and strong drive for cooperation. However, it is the team’s willingness to think outside the box to provide great solutions for clients that gives her the most satisfaction.

Outside of day-to-day management, Justine is integral to overseeing Rodine’s strategic mission, as well as its wider community responsibilities. For example, Justine manages Rodine’s philanthropic activities that align with the company’s core value of building communities.

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