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Wandin North Community Sports Pavilion


Rodine once again teamed up with the Yarra Ranges Council to deliver the Wandin North Community Sports Pavilion. Commencing onsite weeks before the onset of the Corona-virus pandemic, the mandated restrictions of 25% workforce per day onsite presented a significant challenge to programming of work, site moral and maintaining progress. Innovative programming meetings and site coordination discussions with both the internal team and subcontractor base was pivotal to ensuring maximum output from each day’s work (whilst a constant supply of icy-poles & chicken burgers probably assisted also!!)


Upon completion of demolition, Rodine was forced to change its methodology to split the staging of the two buildings whilst the south slab was re-designed. During the lockdown period, the team delivered the roof, all framing and brickwork; then emerging out of the lockdown, the team accelerated the programme to fit out, cladding works and completed the external concrete tiered spectator areas.

Despite the lockdown and site challenges, Rodine were able to complete all the works within the expected time frame set by the Yarra Ranges Council; a great effort by the entire project team.


One of the biggest challenges for this project was in the ground, with the project team unaware that the 1960s original structure was built over an existing, back-filled creek. Not only did Rodine commence construction during an El Nino year (one of the wettest winters) but also through the Covid-19 pandemic. The Rodine team were able to re-design the initial proposal in short time to a more suitable suspended slab design with bored piers without impact on the delivery program.

Rodine’s delivery process was seamless, working in close collaboration with the client and club representatives to deliver a pavilion with high quality finishes, minimal defects and great satisfaction from all stakeholders.