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Amenities and Parents Rooms, Southland and Doncaster


Leading into the busy Christmas shopping period, Rodine was confronted with a sharp deadline for the full demolition and rebuild of the male, female and disabled amenities and the parents’ rooms at locations in the Southlands and Doncaster Shopping Centres.


Due to the client’s need to have the amenities open for pre-Christmas shopping, Rodine was required to complete the project within five weeks. Rodine met this deadline without compromising quality and service, including the installation of temporary amenities to ensure that patrons’ needs were met.


Featuring specialised Corian change benches, play equipment, bespoke furniture and high-level finishes, Rodine worked diligently to ensure that the nominated finishes and materials were procured and installed for opening. The finish product reflects Rodine’s excellent attention-to-detail and the client’s desire for showcase amenities within their centres