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Geelong Travelators


Rodine was asked to replace 30-year-old travelators in Westfield Geelong with new state-of-the-art travelators. As works would occur in the middle of a shopping centre and trading hours could not be compromised, access was the main challenge.


Working only at night, Rodine installed full temporary stairwells in central voids in the shopping centre and retrofitted lifts to support better disability access. Although the new travelators came in 5 parts from Germany, a crane was necessary for installation. However, the basement foundations were assessed as needing back propping to support the weight of the crane in the centre. All works, including installation and removal of temporary stairwells and reinforcement of the basement, took approximately 12 weeks.


Rodine made construction feasible by designing its construction plan around the challenges posed by the site. The lack of Australian experience with these new travelators, presented no difficulty to our innovative Rodine team.