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Zara Doncaster


This project involved the demolition of part of the shopping centre and construction of a new venue for the international retail giant’s third Melbourne store. This was to be achieved without any interruption to centre hours and neighbouring tenants’ trade. Westfield Design and Construct, Centre management and Zara’s international construction team were critical stakeholders.


Construction took only 13 weeks from the start of demolition to the release of the shell to the tenant for fitting-out. The relatively short period of construction enabled Rodine’s flexible project management to come to the fore. For example, the close proximity to the bus interchange placed significant constraints on crane placement and the delivery of construction supplies. During construction, Rodine’s project team worked closely with the consultants to ensure existing and new structures were appropriately reinforced.


Rodine took the lead on OHS planning to ensure public safety and the protection of the nearby bus interchange. Noise and dust had to be minimized, and the public access required continual monitoring and coordination with Centre management.