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Bayside Vicinity Centre Travelators


Rodine was tasked with replacing the 25-year-old travelators in the busy Vicinity Centres at Bayside Shopping Centre, Frankston. Maintaining public safety whilst enabling continued public access to different levels within the Centre, and throughout the project, was key to its success. Rodine designed and built a temporary access staircase for the public, and separate access and confined space for the building team.


This project included the removal and replacement of eight existing travelators (in four banks of two.) Due to regulation changes over time, the gradient of the old and new travelators were substantially different. This necessitated significant engineered alterations to the structure of the building, and heavy demolition works prior to installation.

The weight of the new units and the cranes posed a further challenge. Rodine provided a design & construct solution for the back-propping of the slab within the car park basement, so that the Centre was able to maintain use of the carpark facility throughout most of the project.


Rodine has undertaken a number of vertical transport projects. We understand the structural complexities involved and are experienced in managing the expectations of the client and public within these live spaces. Creating temporary access staircases and maintaining sight-lines for the existing retailers, requires in-depth, innovative planning, and comprehensive organisation in the pre-construction stages. This thorough preplanning approach is critical to a project’s success.