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678 Victoria Street - Internal


Though already an A-grade commercial office building, the owner, Salta Properties, sought to upgrade the internal presentation of this building to a new standard of refinement. The challenge offered to Rodine was to maintain accessibility and amenities for all tenants in this busy five-floor office space in Richmond, Victoria, throughout the heavy demolition and refurbishment of the common areas.


Works involved upgrading the main entry and foyer, the amenities on all floors, the creation of a new end-of-trip facility (Rodine have now built a number of these shower and change facilities complete with bike storage racks), and the upgrade of the existing lift cars.

The balustrade glazing to the four upper levels around the foyer, employ laminated glass with a bronze mesh interlayer and capped with thin brass edging. The existing full-height bluestone tiled walls within the foyer were honed in situ, with careful management of dust and noise. Adding a special touch to the project is the centerpiece of the foyer, the magnificent suspended light structure designed and manufactured specifically for 678 Victoria St.


This was a particularly challenging project due to the local by-laws affecting working hours, as well as the need to manage the general amenity of an A-grade office building. This necessitated detailed planning and organisation to ensure that the works were completed with minimum interruption to building tenants and neighbours. The project’s success is testament to Rodine’s excellent attention-to-detail, which maintains the property’s A-grade status.