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Bayside Shopping Centre Lift


Rodine was engaged to build a new feature glass lift shaft at Bayside Shopping Centre for Vicinity Centres. The work site was constricted by escalators to both sides of the work zone and was located outside the main entrance to a major department retail store in the middle of the mall. Maintaining site lines for tenants whilst ensuring a safe work zone created challenges with hoardings and work hours


Whilst the 14-metre high steel framed lift shaft was originally engineered to be installed as one single box section, the site’s location re access constraints for cranes and the confines of the existing escalators to either side meant this methodology was not practical. To overcome these issues, the team re-engineered the existing roof trusses to enable the installation of the steel elements in individual sections. This showcased Rodine’s ability to adopt a flexible approach and use innovative problem solving to overcoming construction challenges


Commencing the works pre-Christmas, Rodine were under a tight deadline to have the steel shaft ready for the installation of the lift car by Christmas. Following Schindler’s lift installation, the feature glass cladding was installed in a two week period on stainless spider fittings. The modern and unique lift that now services the centre court area within Bayside Shopping Centre showcases Rodine and its subcontractors pride in their workmanship and attention to detail